Guide to good engagement

This guide was written by Barnet residents.

It covers the basics of how and why to engage with residents.

It also has specific and practical information about how to make engagement accessible to everyone.

Click to access the full guide (PDF).

Part 1: Key skills in engagement

  • Why engage with residents?
    • To improve outcomes
    • To build partnerships
    • To provide evidence for decision making
    • Cost effectiveness - to design services that meet the people's needs from the start
  • What does good engagement look like?
    • Representative
    • Honest
    • Meaningful
    • Timely
    • Accessible
    • Complete
  • The 4 steps to engaging:
    • Design
    • Plan
    • Deliver
    • Report

Part 2: Making engagement accessible for everyone

This section contains detailed information how to make both written and face to face engagement accessible to everyone:

  • General accessibility guidelines
  • Visual accessibility
  • Hearing accessibility
  • Physical accessibility
  • Accessibility for people with learning disabilities

Additional resources and organisations including:

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