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Physical and Sensory Impairment Partnership Board (archived)

The Barnet Physical and Sensory Impairment Partnership Board was set up to improve health and social care services for people with a physical or sensory impairment and offer them a better quality of life.

The Board will achieve this by:

  • working within and promoting the 'Social Model of Disability'
  • monitoring, developing and promoting opportunities and choices that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities (aged 18+)
  • mainstreaming disability across public services so that disabled people can play a full role in their community using the Disability Equality Duty to make change happen

Board Members

The board is made up of people with disabilities, carers, local voluntary organisations and staff from the Adults and Communities department within the council.

  • Andrew Cox, (Co-Chair) Middlesex Association for the Blind
  • Melanie Brooks, (Co-Chair) Interim Assistant Director, Adults and Communities, Barnet Council
  • Alison Asafu-Adjaye, (Co-Chair)
  • Paul Baldwin, Service User Representative
  • Ette Chitwaka, Joint Commissioner - Physical and Sensory Impairment, CCG and Adults and Communities, Barnet Council
  • Sue Cipin, Jewish Deaf Association
  • Mike Fahey, Library Services, Barnet Council
  • Mira Goldberg, Barnet Deaf Community Representative
  • Fiona Grounds, Service User Representative
  • Stella Henriques, Carers Representative
  • Alison Hibberd, Barnet Carers Centre
  • Jennifer Pearl, Advocacy in Barnet
  • Margaret Nolan, Carers Representative
  • Michael Nolan, Service User Representative
  • Carolin Seitz, MS Society
  • Jefferey Raphael, Disability Action in Barnet (DAB)
  • Lina Aliskeviciute, CommUNITY Barnet
  • Representative, Healthwatch Barnet

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