Working Groups: achievements

Achievement highlights

Residents as part of the People Bank have been working with the Council and CCG on a whole range of topics.

Some highlights of what they have achieved so far:

  • Working with the new care technology (telecare) provider on how to promote the new service so that more people get the benefits.
  • Helping to design the new crisis intervention service for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.
  • Putting together an action plan to improve access to information about dementia.
  • Designing the new carers web pages on Barnet Council’s website.
  • Writing a Guide to Good Engagement (PDF). This is for staff across the Council and other organisations to engage with people with disabilities.
  • Helping to design the Care Space hubs, including the name and branding.
  • Reviewing direct payment services and making recommendations for improvement.

For more details about each working group, you can read the reports below (PDF):

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