Who pays for your care?

This will depend on many factors including your health and your financial situation. A social care professional who assesses your needs will discuss your options with you.

If you're assessed as needing care home accommodation, Barnet Council will generally only contribute financially to the care home fees if you have less than £23,250 in capital (including savings). The way we calculate charges for care homes is set by the Government to ensure that everyone throughout England will have their charges for permanent care home accommodation assessed in the same way.

You will need to complete a form to help us work out how much you must pay and how much the council should contribute. We call this a Financial Assessment and we will ask you to provide details of your income and capital or savings.

If you qualify for financial assistance, we will generally only pay the price they would usually expect to pay for a care home place which is suitable for someone with your care needs. If a care home charges more, we will only contribute to the cost of your care at that particular home if there is no other available home which is suitable for your needs, or if a someone else (such as relative or voluntary organisation) reaches an agreement with the council to contribute towards the cost of the care home. Failure to keep up top up payments may result in you being asked to move to a suitable alternative home available at a cost the council would usually expect to pay.

If you will be paying your own care home fees, there is a simple calculator available to tell you whether the weekly fee a care home has quoted you is good value for money. Visit the Valuing Care Fees Calculator site to try this tool out.

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