Extra care housing

Extra care housing for the over 60s is designed to provide 24-hour onsite support, whilst still enabling you to retain your independence. You'll have your own flat with your own front door, to come and go as you please.

Extra care housing is ideal for older people who need some personal care or other type of support, but are able to live safely on their own.

Extra care housing provides more support than traditional sheltered housing, but would not be suitable for someone with very high care needs. For many people, it may mean that they do not have to move into a care home.

For couples, where just one of you has care needs, it means you can continue living together in a safe and caring environment.

The service offers:

  • help with personal care
  • access to meals
  • help with domestic support – such as cleaning, laundry, shopping and preparing meals
  • 24-hour care services are available if you need them
  • social and leisure activities
  • help with medication


Facilities available in the extra care housing schemes include communal lounge, dining area, kitchen facilities, laundry, hairdressing, assisted bathrooms and guest rooms. You can also purchase freshly prepared meals from a café style facility. 

Who provides extra care housing? 

Barnet Council working closely with NHS Barnet have commissioned two extra care housing schemes in partnership with Sanctuary Housing Association and Catalyst Communities Housing Association: 

  • Wood Court in Burnt Oak
    comprised of 39 one bedroom flats for rent
  • Goodwin Court in East Barnet 
    comprised of 52 one and two bedroom flats for rent and 11 leasehold.

How to apply

You can apply for extra care housing if you:

  • are aged 60 or over
  • are disabled with assessed care needs 
  • are assessed as needing a minimum of seven hours personal care a week
  • are a resident of Barnet

If you think that you might need extra care housing, we will arrange for you to be assessed. We can then advise you whether extra care housing is appropriate for you. It is usually only considered when other options have been tried to enable you to continue living in your own home. 

A panel of social care and housing representatives will make the decision about whether you are accepted for extra care housing.

If you would like to find out if you are eligible for extra care housing contact:

  • Social Care Direct: 020 8359 5000 

Cost of extra care housing 

There are four parts to the cost of extra care housing:

  • the cost of renting your accommodation
  • the service charges such as any communal facilities and lift maintenance  
  • your support costs such as assistance with managing the home, advice on benefits
  • your personal care cost such as help with washing and dressing yourself, cooking your meals (these care needs are outlined in your care plan and are pre-arranged with you) 

Both schemes vary in cost. The amount of rent, service and support charges you pay will depend on the size of your flat and the services you have been assessed for. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for help with some of these costs. 

The charges for personal care are based on a fixed weekly charge, plus a charge for the care you need as agreed with you in your care plan. The actual contribution you make towards the cost will be discussed with you following a Financial Assessment. 

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