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Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is typically a group of self-contained flats or bungalows that have been specifically designed for older people to live independently with the peace of mind of living in a safe and secure environment.

Flats and communal areas are fitted with an emergency alarm call system, so that residents can get emergency help at any time of the day or night. Some sheltered housing have a communal lounge, a laundry, a garden and a guest flat. 

Sheltered housing schemes in Barnet are managed by Barnet Homes, housing associations, charities or trusts. 

Scheme managers

Most sheltered housing have a scheme manager who may live on site or visit on a regular basis. They are paid for through the service charges to residents and their role is to: 

  • help arrange services needed by residents
  • look after the building 
  • keep a check on and maintain the garden and other communal areas of living
  • carry out health and safety checks and test fire alarm equipment
  • report repairs
  • provide advice and support to residents on rent, housing benefit and services charges.

Scheme managers do not provide care services or do things such as shopping for people who live in sheltered housing. They are not nurses and cannot give any medication. They cannot do minor household repairs and must not be involved with your financial affairs.

Sheltered Plus housing 

Sheltered Plus housing offers the same services as sheltered housing, but in addition has night support staff on site who can offer emergency assistance with medication and toileting, and washing if a resident has soiled themselves during the night. 

There are three Sheltered Plus housing schemes in Barnet:

  • Deborah Lodge in Edgware has 36 flats for rent
  • Gadsbury Close in West Hendon has 38 flats for rent
  • Speedwell House in Woodside Park, North Finchley has 23 flats for rent.

Scheme managers at both of these sites do not live on site, but visit regularly. 

How to apply for Sheltered Plus housing

Normally, people with critical or substantial needs who are in need of night-time support can apply for Sheltered Plus housing. If you're a disabled person or if you have medical need you may still qualify. 

If you think that you might need Sheltered Plus housing, we will arrange for you to be assessed. We can then advise you whether Sheltered Plus housing is appropriate for you. It is usually only considered when other options have been tried to enable you to continue living in your own home. 

If you would like to find out if you are eligible for Sheltered Plus housing contact:

  • Social Care Direct: 020 8359 5000

Cost of Sheltered Plus housing 

Both schemes vary in cost. The amount of rent, service and support charges you pay will depend on the size of your flat and the services you have been assessed for. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for help with some of these costs. The actual contribution you make towards the cost will be discussed with you following a Financial Assessment. 

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