The Network

The Network provides short-term support to people with mental health problems in Barnet, giving you the opportunity to gain/regain skills and confidence to participate fully in your community.

Through our unique enablement programme, we will support you to get involved in social activities which you enjoy. This could be accessing leisure and cultural activities, extending your social network, embarking on a path to employment, volunteering, or gaining qualifications.

To get you there, we can offer:

  • one to one support to identify your personal goals
  • sessions with your peers to discuss recovery together
  • support to start taking part in a community
  • activity of your choice
  • support to plan for when you leave the service

The team of professionals working at The Network aim to help people become more independent and feel part of their local community. 

How to access Network services

If you're not already accessing mental health services, you should contact your GP. They can refer you to the Primary Care Mental Health Team. The team will carry out an assessment of your support needs, and make a referral to the Network if it is suitable.

If you already have a care coordinator, discuss a Network referral with them.

How to qualify for the Network

To qualify for the Network you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older 
  • have a mental health diagnosis 
  • live in Barnet 
  • be willing to participate in a jointly developed social inclusion plan 
  • have substantial or critical social care needs, as identified by a social care professional

Our enablement programme

Step 1: Personal goal plan

We help people to develop a ‘social inclusion’ or personal goal plan. With the help of your key worker and the recovery star, you'll explore your hopes and aims so that you can come up with some goals to be achieved by the end of your time at the Network.

Step 2: Key work sessions

Your key worker will work with you in one-to-one sessions to:

  • Support you with your social inclusion plan
  • Improve your confidence to access the group programme
  • Review each stage of your programme exploring your next goals.

Step 3: Short enablement group

In these groups, you will work with your peers to support each other towards recovery. Each group has a different focus, to help you to achieve your goals and build confidence.

1. Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

  • Create an individual plan that helps you to increase your sense of control of your mental wellbeing
  • Better recognise your triggers and how to respond to them positively
  • Set individual achievable goals
  • Gain skills to maintain your ability to manage on your own.

2. New Steps

  • Identify and challenge obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals and living your life more fully
  • Develop new ways of looking at and overcoming obstacles in your life
  • Gain confidence and skills to deal with challenges on your own.

3. Skills for Living

  • Increase your confidence and motivation to achieve goals
  • Identify potential positive lifestyle changes
  • Take practical steps towards achieving your goals.

Step 4: Short term support in the community

  • Identify specific opportunities in the community that will help you to achieve your goals
  • Access the identified resources in the community, with support from us
  • Gain skills to continue with this activity on your own.

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