Registering your disability

If you have a substantial and permanent disability, you can register as disabled. You will be given a small card as proof of your registration, a quick and easy way to prove the holder has a significant disability and needs to use facilities provided for disabled people.

Registration is voluntary. You do not need to be registered to get support from us.

Benefits of registration

  • it will not cost you any money to register
  • your details will be stored on a confidential database 
  • easier access to certain benefits and concessions, such as a Disabled Person’s Railcard
  • discounts at some leisure facilities
  • in certain instances you may be able to reclaim VAT on specific disability equipment

However, all concessions are discretionary and may vary. Registering as disabled will not have any impact on applications for welfare benefits.

'Substantial disability' definition

A substantial disability is defined as 'affecting the individual’s ability to complete basic tasks, being dependent on equipment or assistance in many activities of daily life’, as defined by the Sick and Disabled Persons Act

How to register your disability

There are several different types of disability registration, each with their own way of registering.

1. Registration for people who are severely sight impaired (blind) or sight impaired (partially sighted)

You will need to be certified as sight impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight impaired (blind) by a consultant ophthalmologist (eye specialist).

If you are already attending an eye hospital or clinic, you should discuss certification with your specialist. Otherwise, you should ask your GP (local doctor) to refer you to a consultant ophthalmologist.

If the ophthalmologist considers that you are severely sight impaired or sight impaired, they will complete a certificate and send it to you, your GP and to Adults and Communities at Barnet Council. You will then be issued with a registration card.

2. Registration for people who are hard of hearing or d/Deaf

You will need to have a copy of your audiogram which shows your level of hearing. If you have not seen an audiologist, please contact your GP for a referral to a hospital Audiology department. An Audiologist can send a copy of you audiogram to us, or you can do this yourself. You can send it to the Social Care Direct team.

We will then send you a registration card to show that you are:

  • hard of hearing
  • deaf with speech
  • deaf without speech

3. Physical Disability Registration

You will need to have a diagnosis of a long-term condition which is supported by your GP. To register a physical disability, you can contact Social Care Direct, who will send a letter and consent form for your GP to complete.

You must sign this form, to give your consent for your medical information to be shared with us. Then take the form to your GP, who will complete the necessary details and return the form to us. Once we receive the completed form, we will issue you with a registration card, with one of the following disability categories:

1. severe physical disability
2. appreciable physical disability (moderate)
3. impaired physical disability (low)

Please note that we do not register people who have mental illness or a learning disability unless they have a specific physical disability.

Ordering a replacement card

Your registration card does not expire, but if you feel that your disability category might have changed (for example, if your condition has become worse), you can contact us to update your card. We may need up-to-date information from your GP or specialist about your condition.

If you lose your card, we can provide you with a replacement. However, if the information we have about your condition from your GP or specialist is more than two years old, we may ask for more up to date information before re-issuing your card.

Contact us

If you need a replacement card or have any questions about registering as disabled, please contact Social Care Direct.

Social Care Direct, Adults and Communities, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, N11 1NP.

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