Help leaving hospital

If you're going into hospital, you may need help when you leave to continue to live safely and independently in your home.

From the day you're admitted into hospital, the staff involved in your care will work with you to assess your health and social care needs in preparation for when you leave the hospital.

Getting help at home

If you:

  • were getting social care support before you went into hospital, the nurse looking after you will arrange for this to be started again when you go home
  • were not receiving help or need more help than before, you can ask the nurse to contact the hospital social work team to arrange for an assessment of your needs. The social worker will work with you, your family or carer and the staff involved in your care to find out what support would be most appropriate for you

If the assessment shows that you qualify for support, the social worker will draw up a care plan with details about the care you will receive.

Types of support available

Whether you fund this privately or it is provided through the council, there are a range of care and support options available following a stay in hospital, such as:

  • meals at home
  • help with personal care through our home care and enablement package
  • equipment to help you carry out daily tasks
  • adaptations to your home to help you get in and around your home
  • day centres so that you can get out and involved in planned activities and meet people
  • support for people caring for you

Care homes

It may also be that when you leave hospital you will be unable to continue to live safely at home. Depending on your health needs, you may need to consider a care home where trained nurses are on the premises around the clock or one where community nurses come in to see you.

A social worker will explain your options and will help you to decide which care home is best for you.

Will I be charged for the services I receive?

Some services provided by us are free, but for some services you may be required to contribute towards the cost of the services you receive. How much you contribute will depend on your income and the amount of help you need.

Financial assessment

We will ask you to complete a form to help us work out how much you must pay and how much the council should contribute. We call this a financial assessment and we will ask you to provide details of your income and capital or savings. Your social worker will explain fully about charges before setting up your care.

Hospital social work teams

We have social workers taking referrals from hospital staff at the following hospitals:

  • Royal Free Hospital
  • Finchley Memorial Hospital
  • Barnet Hospital
  • Edgware Community Hospital
  • Northwick Park Hospital

If you have been admitted into a hospital that is not listed above, you will be referred by hospital staff to Social Care Direct who will arrange for an assessment of your needs by a social worker.

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