Home care

There may come a time where to due to an accident, illness, disability, frailty or following a discharge from hospital, you need support with daily tasks.

Home care explained

Home care is designed to support you with day-to-day personal and domestic tasks so that you can live as independently as possible at home. There are many different types of support available depending on your individual needs.

Home carers

Home carers can help with eating, drinking, washing, bathing, toileting, dressing and prompting you to take your medication as well as domestic tasks, such as preparing meals, shopping, laundry and helping you to get around.

Private home care

You can arrange home care services privately. Look online for details of local providers. We also recommend that you look on the Care Quality Commission for details about your chosen provider. The Care Quality Commission inspect services and publish the results online.

If you'd like the council to provide you with home care support, you will need to contact the Social Care Direct on 020 8359 5000 for an assessment of your needs.

If this assessment shows that you qualify for support from the council, we will talk to you about what would be most appropriate for you.

Enablement home care

If you qualify for support from the council, we can offer you a short-term enablement package for up to six weeks.

The home care enablement service aims to:

  • help you to do things for yourself so that you can regain your independence
  • focus on achieving short-term goals
  • provide an opportunity to assess your progress to achieve your goals

A week before the end of your enablement support package, your social worker will meet with you to discuss your progress and any further help you may need.

If you are assessed as needing support and assistance at home in the long term, you will be offered a personal budget to give you choice and control over who provides your help in the future. This is the amount of money required to meet your social care needs.

f you would like the council to manage your personal budget for you, your home care will be provided by one of our three home and community support providers.

Who pays for home care

Home care can be purchased independently from a home care agency, or with funding from the council if you are eligible.

You may have to pay towards the cost of the support you receive from the council. How much you contribute towards your personal budget will depend on your income and the amount of help you need.

Home care can also be bought using a direct payment to provide short-term support to carers who may need a break or extra help to care for the person they are looking after.

If you pay for your own services (whether or not the council help you to arrange them), you are advised to get professional independent financial advice to help you to meet the costs of your care in the future. See our page about paying for long-term care for more information.

Complaints about home care services

In the first instance, complaints should be made to the organisation which provides your home care.

Alternatively see our comments, compliments and complaints page for more information about how to make a complaint.

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