Additional financial support to care providers during COVID-19

This information sets out the additional financial support given to care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, as of 19 June 2020.

This will be updated on a regular basis.

  1. The council has received the both instalments of the Infection Control Funding totalling £3,564,514
    • 75% (£2,673,386) has been allocated to Care Homes based on the number of CQC registered beds, to be spent in line with grant conditions.
    • 25% of the funding (£891,128) is being used to support the wider care market with workforce resilience in relation to COVID-19 infection control

      The Government has announced further Infection Control Funding and once the Council has more details it will confirm how this funding is being used.
  2. The council has given a 5% uplift to all commissioned care home placements for April and May 2020. Value to date: £382,000
  3. The council has given a 5% uplift to all commissioned supported living placements for April and May 2020. Value to date: £166,000
  4. The council is paying all its commissioned home care providers on planned services rather than services delivered from 23 March to 31 May 2020. Value to date: £250,000.
  5. The council is supplying PPE at no cost and reimbursing care providers for PPE they have purchased. Value to date: £1,000,000
  6. The CCG have purchased 100 iPads for distribution to care homes for virtual health care consultations and provided medical equipment to care homes. Value: c. £78,000
  7. NHSE/I, through North Central London CCG has paid for all care costs for those leaving hospital. This has included an increased CCG placement rate above AQP for placements made following hospital discharge during the pandemic. Value to date: £350,000
  8. In kind support costs include staff time from Infection Control and Public Health specialists for training, professional support and advice for care settings; and from the CCG and council on PPE procurement and distribution; and organising testing (booking, promotion, whole home pilots, communications, training).