Change the details on a blue badge

Changed name or address

If you've changed name or address, then email Include a good quality, readable copy of a proof of address or proof of name and include the badge reference number.

A proof of address should be one of:

  • valid driving licence
  • Council Tax bill dated within the last 12 months 
  • award letter from Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
  • benefit award letter from the DWP
  • housing benefit (or other type of benefit) award letter dated within the 12 months.

Proof of name should be one of:

  • valid passport or driving licence
  • marriage or divorce certificate
  • deed poll document.

If you cannot email then send by post to us at:

London Borough of Barnet
Assisted Travel team
PO Box 6510

Changed vehicle

A blue badge is issued to you as an individual, you do not need to tell us if you change your vehicle.

Cancel a blue badge

How to cancel a blue badge