Brent Cross Cricklewood

Cricklewood Brent Cross is one of the capital’s major regeneration schemes and among the most significant planned new developments in Europe.

New town centre

The Regeneration Scheme will deliver a new town centre for Barnet and North West London, creating up to 27,000 jobs and acting as a catalyst for future economic growth.  

Cricklewood Brent Cross will be a great place for existing and new communities with 7,500 new homes delivered as well as new buildings for three local schools, new health facilities, and high quality parks and open spaces.

It will provide all the elements of a thriving town centre with a transformed Brent Cross Shopping Centre forming the heart of a new retail and leisure district.


We have recently announced plans to bring forward the delivery of the Thameslink Station from 2031 to 2022. Find out more and tell us your thoughts.

More than £400m will be invested in transport infrastructure including new roads, increased capacity at key junctions and the creation of a new station on the Midland Mainline and Thameslink lines.

Rapid and efficient links will be created between the Cricklewood Station and the new rail station, along a new High Street to the enhanced Brent Cross shopping centre and through to Brent Cross Tube.  This will represent a step change in the accessibility of the area by public transport.

Lined with trees, shops and cafes, the High Street will pass through a series of new public squares and over a new bridge across the A406.

The Regeneration Scheme is being driven by a partnership comprising the Cricklewood Brent Cross Development Partners (Hammerson and Standard Life Investments) and the London Borough of Barnet.

Bringing about change

The Cricklewood, Brent Cross and West Hendon Development Framework was adopted by the council as Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) in April 2004 (revised in December 2005 to include the Eastern Lands as a new character area). 

This document sets out the key strategic principles for future development in the Regeneration Area and will  guide developers, prospective purchasers and investors.  If you would like to receive a copy of the Development Framework documents, please contact us using the details on the right. 

Please note that although guided by the Development Framework, the regeneration of West Hendon is progressing independently.  

Cricklewood Brent Cross received outline planning consent from Barnet Council in October 2010.  A Section 106 package which includes almost £1bn funding for community and transport infrastructure, environmental measures and land assembly has also been agreed.  Details of the original planning application can be viewed on the Cricklewood Brent Cross Partners’ website. 

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