Disabled Children's Occupational Therapy Team

We provide a community-based assessment service to children and young people under 18 years of age who have permanent and substantial needs (or such needs that are likely to continue beyond 12 months) arising from their disability.

We provide these services through our 0-25 Disability Service Children's Occupational Therapy Team:

  • advice on managing difficulties caused by disability or loss of ability
  • advice to assist carers in the daily management of a child/young person
  • advice on moving and handling at home
  • equipment to help with daily living and personal care, such as bathing and using the toilet
  • minor adaptations to the home, e.g. grab rails, stair rails and ramps
  • major adaptations such as lifts, bathrooms and showers
  • recommend re-housing if the current property is unsuitable and cannot be adapted

How we do this

  • we will visit the child at home to carry out an assessment of needs
  • during the assessment identify what the child/young person and family want to be able to do in their daily activities
  • we aim to build up a good relationship with the child/young person and family, to work with the child/young person to problem solve and make a plan of action
  • a copy of the assessment is provided with an opportunity for feedback from child/young person and the family

How is a child referred to us

A young person / parent can self-refer to the team or ask their health professional or social worker to do so on their behalf. Priority is given to those children with the highest degree of need.

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Is there a charge for services?

The assessment and minor adaptations are free of charge. Any equipment provided will be on a long-term loan, normally also free of charge.

  • if you own your own property or are a private tenant - you may qualify for a Disability Facilities Grant to fund the work

  • if you live in council properties - the council will arrange for the adaptations. You do not need to be financially assessed
  • if you live in a Housing Association property - the Housing Association will pay for the adaptation or they can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Barnet Care and Repair Agency can offer assistance in applying for available grants or other funding to pay for the work, including loans or equity release - see contact details.

Who else do we work with?

The Occupational Therapy team work in partnership with a range of health professionals including social workers, Adult Occupational Therapy and Transition Services, Housing and Environmental Health Officers.

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