Getting early help and support

There are different ways you can get help, depending on what you and your family need.

Some activities you can book on to in advance or just turn up. This is what we call ‘Universal’ services. They include

Universal plus interventions are aimed at children and families, where a multi-agency, Early Help Assessment is not required, but where just a brief number of 1 to 1 or group parenting or youth sessions can be offered. The referrals for Universal Plus work can be made by either a professional or by a self-referral via the Universal Plus Form directly to the 0-19 hubs.

When you have a range of needs, it is likely that we may need to work together with other professionals. If this is the case an Early Help request will need to be completed. You can do this yourself or ask a professional to do it on your behalf. This is what we call ‘Targeted Early Help’.

Once we have received a request:

  • you will be contacted to discuss your request
  • an Early Help Assessment may be completed with you. This will usually involve more discussions between you and (if you agree) other members of your family and relevant professionals to think about how you can best be supported
  • this support will be coordinated by a Lead Professional who will be your main point of contact.