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Fostering is looking after a child or young person aged 0-18 in your own home. Sometimes children and young people can’t live with their parents or people they already know for a wide range of reasons. This is where foster carers come in; fostering changes lives.

You can be flexible about the types of fostering you offer, which include:

Mainstream Fostering:

We are currently looking for foster carers for who can look after all children, including teenagers, sibling groups and children with complex needs.


Parent and Child

A specialist type of fostering where a baby or very young child (under 10) and their parent comes to stay with you for not usually more than 12-weeks at a time when they need extra support.  You will support and assess vulnerable parents and help them learn how to look after their child safely.

Caring for a Child with a Disability:

You will be offering parents the opportunity for a break, to give a child, who may have learning disabilities, physical disabilities or medical conditions a short period of respite. This would usually take place over weekends or during school holidays. 

Supported Lodgings:

Supported lodgings is the opportunity to offer older young people (16-21) the opportunity to prepare for their own accommodation acting as a supportive landlord or landlady. It is a stepping stone to independent living. You would offer emotional support and the chance for young people to learn life skills in a safe place.


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