Our Vision, Our Strategy

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Children and Young People’s Plan 2019-2023

Corporate plan

Our Focus for Improvement

Our Focus on Improvement

Our vision

Our vision is focused on making Barnet an even better place to live for all families. Our strategy to achieve this is to focus on developing a family’s resilience, which evidence tells us is pivotal to achieving the best outcomes for children and young people.

Resilience is about bouncebackability – being able to bounce back stronger and thrive in the face of adversity and challenge. We look for strengths and opportunities that we can build on, rather than for issues or problems to treat and to achieve this we help children, young people and their families build effective relationships and encourage positive behaviour and social connectedness.

We want to involve children and young people, and their parents and carers in the development of services so our improvements are relevant and meaningful to them and they feel valued and involved in what we do.

Our Priorities

  • Improving children’s outcomes
  • Getting thresholds right
  • Identifying and effectively responding to risk
  • Good Quality Plans for Children and Young People
  • Practice leadership

We think that it is important that social workers are resilient and have manageable caseloads and sufficient support to complete their work and undertake effective interventions. We know how important it is for our staff to achieve a good work-life balance and we are determined to ensure that our systems support and enable focus on practice.

Working in partnership

Children and families lives are complex, as are the systems that support them. To provide effective help we are determined to ensure our partners working in Barnet are clear about how they can support our aspirations to improve outcomes for children and young people and their families.

We are building a stronger partnership with schools, health, police, housing and the voluntary sector and we have a number of partnership programmes bringing our ambitions to life. This includes our move to an integrated early help delivery model via our Family Hubs across three localities, a multi-agency approach to identifying and supporting young people with a high level of risk or vulnerability i.e. at risk of sexual exploitation, missing and/or gang-involved through our REACH team; and our new 0-25 service for children with disabilities. These programmes, alongside our reinvigorated assurance of the effectiveness of the safeguarding partnership, are demonstrating strong, strategic local leadership that can measurably improve outcomes for vulnerable children.

Working in partnership and with children and young people from across the borough, we have produced a Children and Young People’s Plan 2019-2023 which covers children and young people aged 0 to 19 years and up to 25 years for those with special educational needs and disabilities. The plan reflects the priorities, needs and aspirations of the local population and sets out how, together, we can make Barnet an even better, more ‘Family Friendly’ place to live.