Your social work career in Barnet Family Services

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It is important to us that you grow and develop as a Social Work practitioner or Manager in Barnet. We want you to be the best you can be. To achieve this we will offer these building blocks to support you.

Support from Managers

We will ensure that you are well supported to deliver purposeful social work, providing you with regular high quality support from managers enabling you to properly reflect on your practice. Whether you are a newly qualified worker or a seasoned practitioner we are keen to support you and to develop your expertise and confidence. As you as you become more experienced, we can provide you with challenging opportunities in a supportive environment.

Case loads

We think that it is important that social workers are resilient and have manageable caseloads and sufficient support to complete their work and undertake effective interventions. We know how important it is for our staff to achieve a good work-life balance and we are determined to ensure that our systems support and enable focus on practice.

Learning and development

We have the Barnet Children Practice Academy (BCPA) with a strategic aim to recruit, develop and retain our staff.

The BCPA enables us to truly be a learning organisation with an environment, that whilst focused on the professional growth of our staff and offering career opportunities; cares greatly about their wellbeing, leading to purposeful practice and the best outcomes for our children.

Our aim is to see:

  • Children and families be more resilient through being supported and challenged by highly skilled professionals at the earliest opportunity.
  • A workforce that challenges itself to achieve the best for children, evidencing impact and proving its worth in its outcomes for families.
  • A partnership of committed professionals who model strong strategic accountability for the vision of Family Friendly Barnet and resilience based practice.
  • The BCPA helping to deliver our objective of growing practitioners that are well supported, child focussed and inquisitive. The eight faculties of the Academy include the whole of the service including practitioners who are not social workers but are otherwise qualified, support and technical staff. We have the following faculties:
    • Recruitment, Selection & Retention
    • Student Social Workers
    • Newly Qualified Social Workers
    • Social Workers
    • Early Intervention & Otherwise Qualified
    • Support Services
    • Advanced and Senior Social Workers
    • Leadership & Management

Career opportunities in Barnet

In Family Services we are committed to developing our people, we believe that following a career path is important and that it is our responsibility to provide a clear career pathway to all of our employees. We aim to make training and development meaningful and to link your training and development to your advancement. We take development for everyone at all stages of their career very seriously. Not everyone wants to manage colleagues and so our Advanced Social Worker role is both a step on the way to becoming a team manager or career destination in itself for those who wish to be a subject specialist.

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