Benefits for students and teenage parents

Financial help for childcare costs while studying

Financial help for childcare costs while studying is mainly available through the education setting that you are attending or your local education authority. The type of financial assistance you’re entitled to will depend on the qualification you are studying for. 

Student support service

To ensure you find out about all financial help available, contact the student support service of the education establishment you plan to attend. They will discuss with you your own personal circumstances and needs, and advise you on what you could claim.

Learner/Childcare Support Fund

Discretionary Support Funds are available in colleges and school sixth forms to help with a variety of costs, including childcare. The funds are prioritised for those who face financial hardship.

If you're at a college, speak to your student support or welfare officer. If you're in a sixth form, get in touch with your tutor or the student support officer. For more information visit Gov.UK 

National Health Service (NHS) childcare allowance

All NHS Bursary-funded students who have dependant children may apply for Childcare Allowance (CCA), except those who have applied for, or who are only entitled to, a fees-only award.

The childcare allowance is based on 85 per cent of your total actual registered or approved childcare costs up to a maximum amount. This is an income-assessed allowance: the amount awarded will depend on your circumstances and the income available to you and your family. Therefore, not all students who apply for childcare allowance will be entitled to receive it.

Professional and career development loan

Professional and career development loans can help you gain the experience, training and qualifications you need to improve your job skills or even launch a new career. You can use it to fund a variety of courses with a wide range of organisations, so you are able to choose the course that best suits your needs. You can apply for a loan if you are employed, self-employed or unemployed.

It is a personal loan between you and the bank, and you are responsible for repaying it to the bank. Before applying for a loan, check how much your monthly repayments will be, and that you feel confident that you will be able to make them.

Visit GOV.UK for more information and advice on Professional and Career Development Loans

Grants and bursaries

The Educational Grants Advisory Service (EGAS) offers a range of services providing information on funding for people in post-16 education in England.

It specialises in identifying funding from charitable trusts, and maintains a database of trusts and charities that assist students. It also administers over 30 educational trusts, giving small grants to students who study at institutions that are affiliated to its service.

Help with university or higher education costs

If you're a full-time higher education student with dependant children aged under 15 (under 17 if the child is disabled), you may be able to get extra financial help with the use of registered childcare. 

If you qualify, the childcare grant can pay up to 85 per cent of registered childcare costs over 52 weeks per year. You cannot, however, claim this grant if you or your partner claims the childcare element of the working tax credit.

Student finance

Local authorities are no longer responsible for assessing financial support given to students in or entering higher education. All students are now assessed by Student Finance England

Skills Funding Agency

The Skills Funding Agency provide funding and regulate adult further education and skills training in England. This enables people to do their jobs better, get new jobs or progress in their careers.

Financial help for students aged 16-19 

You will need to speak to the student support services at your school, college or training provider about getting support through a bursary fund that they hold.

Visit GOV.UK to see if you would qualify for financial assistance while studying visit.

Care to Learn

Care to Learn is a scheme for parents under 20 who are studying who can receive money per child towards childcare costs and associated childcare travel costs. To ensure you get help with associated childcare costs you need to apply at least 28 days before your course starts. 

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