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Learning Disability Eligibility Critiera

Who do we support?


We support adults with a learning disability. There are three criteria for learning disability.  They are:

• significant impairment of intellectual functioning (usually defined as Full-Scale IQ below 70)
• significant impairment of adaptive/social functioning
• recognised before the age of 18



In order to establish whether someone meets these criteria, we sometimes need to carry out an eligibility assessment.  This enables us to assess all three areas mentioned above. At this assessment we will also find out more about someone’s difficulties and consider if we are the best team to help.


If social care input is needed then an individual must also meet the Care Act criteria. If you are under 25, you will receive social care through the 0-25 service. 

Information for young people aged 25 and under


Our eligibility criteria exclude some of the conditions which are often classified as Learning Difficulties.

These include:
• dyslexia
• dyspraxia
• special educational needs
• difficulties arising from brain injury later in life
• dementia

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