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Working groups

Working groups are Barnet residents who get involved and make improvements in health and adult social care. Ideally, residents should have experience of using health or social care services.

'Working groups' explained

There are 10 working groups which take place throughout the year. This year they will look at topics that include:

  • Learning disability services
  • How do we know we are doing a good job in adult social care?
  • Quality in care homes

The topics are chosen at our Annual Engagement Summit.

Working group members decide how they will work on this topic and what they will focus on. They work towards a clear goal.

The group make their recommendations to decision makers. These include senior managers in Barnet Council and members of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Everyone on the People Bank is invited to be a part of a Working Group, but places are limited.

Get in touch

Get in touch on engage.adults@barnet.gov.uk or 020 8359 4712 if you would like to get involved in any of the groups below.

Dates for upcoming working groups

Carers Support - Session 3

Weds 7 February


Trinity Church

Achievements of the Working Groups so far...

  • Creating a guide for providers of adult social care and health services to make services more accessible
  • Working with the new care technology (telecare) provider. The group looked at how to spread information about the new service so that more people get the benefits.
  • Helping to design the new crisis intervention service, called 'Crash Pad.' 
  • Putting together a plan to improve information about dementia.
  • Designing the new carers web pages on Barnet Council’s website.
  • Writing a Guide to Good Engagement (PDF). This is for staff in the Council and other organisations to engage with people with disabilities.
  • Helping to design the Care Space hubs, including the name and branding.
  • Reviewing direct payment services and making recommendations for improvement.

For more details about each working group, you can read the reports below (PDF):

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