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Learning disabilities and autism in Barnet

  • Adult social care

This is for people aged 18 and over who have a learning disability, and their families and carers.

For information for young people aged under 18 with a learning disability visit the Barnet Children's services page.


What is a learning disability?

You may have a learning disability if:

  • you find it very hard to learn new skills or understand new information
  • you find it difficult to cope on your own without extra support
  • you have had these difficulties for a long time and they have a big effect on your life.

Barnet Learning Disabilities Service (BLDS)

We support people with learning disabilities to live healthy independent lives and keep safe in the community.

The team is made up of health and social care professionals. We work closely to make sure people with learning disabilities get the right care and support when they need it.


Getting help from us

To get help from us, you will need to complete a Referral form (PDF).

You can ask a friend, relative or carer to help you. Or you can also phone us on 020 8359 6161 and someone will complete the form with you.


How we can help

We can help you:

  • live independently by arranging for support in your own home
  • find a place to live
  • if you have problems eating or drinking
  • if you have problems talking to or understanding people
  • if you have mobility problems and need equipment or adaptations to your home
  • if you are depressed or worried
  • want to talk to someone about your feelings
  • tell you where you can get help to sort out your benefits
  • tell you about healthy eating and exercise if you have eating or weight problems
  • arrange support at home or short breaks away for you when you or your carer needs a rest
  • carry out an assessment for your carer and give them any advice and information they may need

Contacting the learning disabilities team


By telephone:

Our telephone number is 020 8359 6161



You can write to us:

Barnet Learning Disabilities Services
Barnet House
1255 High Road 
N20 0EJ

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