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Demonstrate disability, injury or substantial and long term adverse effect on ability to walk

You will need to demonstrate that you ‘have a disability, or have suffered an injury, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to walk’ and a Freedom Pass will only be issued to people who meet this eligibility criteria.


How far would you estimate you are able to walk before you feel severe discomfort?

Please state the distance in metres or yards using whichever measure is best for you.

When answering this question please note that:

  • the average adult step is just less than one metre, which is 1.1 yards or 3 feet and 4 inches
  • if you walk alongside someone and they take 100 steps you would have walked roughly 90 metres, or 100 yards
  • the average double-decker bus is about 11 metres, or 12 yards, long
  • a tennis court is about 24 metres, or 26 yards, long
  • a full size football pitch is about 100 metres, or 110 yards, long.
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