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Photographs, proof of identity and address

If you do not fully complete the application form or if you fail to provide the supporting evidence your eligibility cannot be determined and your application will be closed after a period of 4 weeks from the date your application is received.

The evidence can be uploaded to this online application form or emailed to assisted.travel@barnet.go.uk or it can be posted to: LB Barnet Assisted Travel PO Box 6510, Coventry, CV6 9NF

Photographs - please provide one passport quality photograph.

Your smartphone is a good way of providing a good quality image if you follow the requirements listed below. It's also cheaper than going to a photobooth.

Please ensure the photograph is:

  • facing forward
  • plain background
  • taken within the last three months
  • head and shoulders
  • in colour
  • on plain white photographic paper with no border (if a printed copy is provided)
  • clear and in focus

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