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Transport options

  • Adult social care

Transport options for older and disabled people 

This page has details of the main schemes available in Barnet to help older and disabled people to get out and about.  Each scheme will have different criteria for who is eligible to apply.

You can also visit Transport Accessibility for a complete guide to accessible transport in London.

To find out more about the Councils’ provision of transport services for adult social care users, please take a look at our Transport Policy.

Barnet Community Transport

Barnet Community transport has a small fleet of fully accessible minibuses and cars which are available "at cost" to voluntary organisations, self-help groups and families whose members have difficulties using public transport or standard vehicles. For further information:

Blue Badge Parking Permits

The Blue Badge scheme is designed to help people with severe mobility problems who travel either as drivers or passengers, by allowing them to park close to their destination. To find out more visit the Blue Badge page.

Freedom Pass for Older and Disabled People

A Freedom Pass gives people free travel on buses, trains, trams, tubes and Docklands Light Rail services in London. It is paid for by us to help older and disabled people get around.

To find out how to apply, visit Freedom Pass.

Mobility Aid Recognition Card (TfL)

This is for people who use mobility scooters, manual and powered wheelchairs, mobility walkers or shopping trolleys used as a mobility aid.

You can find out from the Travel Mentoring Scheme whether your model of mobility aid is one of the 86 types that will fit into the wheelchair space on London buses.

If your mobility aid is one of these, you can order a Mobility Aid card to show to bus drivers so they can ensure you have access to the bus.

Motability Car Scheme 

Buying and adapting a car can be expensive. The Car Scheme, run by the independent not-for-profit organisation Motability gives disabled people the opportunity to own or lease a car at an affordable price. For more information:

North London Dial-a-Ride

Dial-a-Ride is a door-to-door multi-occupancy vehicle for disabled people and older people who cannot use buses, trains and tubes. It can be used for many different journeys, such as shopping, visiting friends and family, doctors' and dentists' appointments, and going out at night.

To be eligible for Dial-a-Ride membership you must have a permanent or long-term disability or health problem, which makes you unable or virtually unable to use public transport.

If you think you may eligible for Dial-a-Ride you should contact:

Shopmobility Scheme

Barnet Council and Brent Cross shopping centre run a Shopmobility service which offers people with limited mobility wheelchairs and powered scooters free of charge. Shopmobility is about the freedom to get around and you do not need to be registered disabled to use it.

To join the Shopmobility scheme or to find out more contact Brent Cross Shopping Centre:

Taxi Card 

The London Taxi card scheme enables people with physical disabilities to travel in licensed black cabs for a reduced fare. You can apply for membership of the scheme if you are a resident of the London Borough of Barnet and are:

  • in receipt of Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate mobility component
  • have a permanent or substantial disability
  • in receipt of a War Pensioners' Mobility supplement
  • registered as blind (not partially sighted)

For more information:

Travel Mentoring Service

This offers advice on planning a journey using an accessible route.

It can provide a mentor to come with you for your first few journeys to help you gain confidence to become an independent traveller. It can also provide help to people who use mobility scooters and other mobility aids on London bus services.

  • Tel: 020 3054 4361
  • Email: travelmentor@tfl.gov.uk

Travel Support Card

This free card is for anyone who finds travelling difficult, experiences problems when travelling or has a hidden disability an would like some support from Transport for London uniformed staff.

You can use the card to ask for help from staff  when travelling on any form of public transport in London, for example: help with directions, planning your journey if there are delays, making sure you have time to sit down on a bus before it moves off and help getting on or off river boats.


  • Barnet Centre for Independent Living
  • Grahame Park Concourse, Colindale NW9 5UX
  • Tel: 020 8359 6450
  • Email: info@barnetcil.org.uk

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