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Argenti care technology

Argenti care technology is the use of sensors, mobile devices, alarms on a person or in their home to keep someone safe and independent for longer.

Find out how care technology works

Care technology uses sensors on a person or in the home to check and respond to emergencies to keep someone safe.

This can be an alarm unit or a personal trigger (often known as a pendant), worn on the wrist, around the neck or clipped to your clothing. 

You’re connected to a (UK) call monitoring centre once you press the button. Professionals at the monitoring call centre talk to you and find out the kind of help you need.

Help could come from contact with a 'personal responder' which is a friend or family member. It could come from emergency services. Where possible, Argenti Telecare operators will stay on the line until help arrives.

Installation of equipment

Installation is quick and simple and carried out by fully-trained Argenti Telecare Advisers. It includes connecting a small box to your phone line, placing or handing over the sensor(s) and testing them together with the service user.

Become more confident inside and outside your home

Examples where Argenti care technology can help you lead an independent and safe life:

  • recent discharge from hospital
  • long term medical condition
  • disabilities
  • anyone at risk of falling, wandering and getting lost outside the home
  • feeling unsafe

Purchasing privately

If you are self-funding and want quick access to care technology:

Support from us

We may be able to help fund care technology equipment, following an assessment that shows you have an eligible need.

Find out how much it costs

Pay for it yourself

If you pay this yourself, packages start from £19.99 per month excluding VAT. 

This includes an initial assessment from one of our Telecare Advisors in your own home, installation and training on how to use it.

Help from us

If you are eligible for social care, care technology equipment, installation and maintenance is free.

The call monitoring service is free for the first 6 weeks.  

After a financial assessment, you may need to contribute a small fee for the call monitoring service. This would be £3.45 - £4.70 per week depending on the service. 

Argenti product catalogue

When a Telecare Advisor visits your home to to carry out an assessment and demonstrate Argenti Telecare, they will ask you a number of questions about your health, mobility and social circumstances.

Based on your responses they may suggest additional sensors and products but there is no obligation or pressure to opt for these.

Additional cost will be explained fully prior to any decision being made and any equipment being installed.

Argenti product catalogue (external link)

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