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I want to know about my rights as a carer

Did you know?

A carer is a person who is unpaid and looks after or supports someone who needs help with their day-to-day life due to reasons such as:

  • their age
  • a long-term illness
  • disability
  • mental health
  • substance misuse

What the Care Act says

From April 2015, care and support in England changed for the better.

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Free carer health checks

Get a free NHS Health Check to maintain and improve your health.

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Free leisure pass for carers

You could be entitled to a free leisure pass to access discounts on a range of activities.

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Support for carers in an emergency

Apply for a Barnet Emergency Card to keep the people you are caring for safe in the event something happens to you.

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Carers allowance

Find out if you are eligible for an allowance to help you look after someone who needs to be cared for.

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Carer's assessment

We can review your needs as a carer and help you find out what additional support you are entitled to.

Assessing your needs

Your comments

Let us know how we have done - send us your comments, compliments or complaints.

Be heard

Get involved

Find out how you could support someone in their own home and help them live independently.


Events and activities

Search for an event or activity in your local area, from joining a support group to attending a training session.

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