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Naming ceremonies

  • Births, deaths, marriages and nationality

Baby naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a non-religious way to celebrate the arrival of your child. It provides a formal opportunity to make promises of commitment to your child in front of your friends and family. The ceremonies are not just for babies, you could choose to welcome an adopted child or stepchildren into your family.

What happens in the ceremony?

A naming ceremony is designed to meet the individual needs of your family and provide a formal opportunity to:

  • celebrate the birth and welcome your child into the family and wider community
  • announce the names that you have chosen and, if appropriate, explain the reasons behind the choice
  • make promises of commitment to nurture and support your child into adult life
  • choose other adults prepared to promise a special supportive relationship to your child.

A specially written ceremony is available, that you can tailor to your needs. You can also present your child or children with a special gift to mark the occasion. A souvenir record will be presented at the end of the ceremony.

You do not have to live in Barnet to arrange a naming ceremony with us. Your ceremony can take place at one of our approved premises or at any location - including your home or garden.

To book a naming ceremony please call the Register Office on 020 8359 6400. 

Please contact us for more information and related fees


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