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Register a birth

  • Births, deaths, marriages and nationality

It is a legal requirement for parents to register their baby within 42 days of the birth.

Register at the local register office

You should do this at the local register office for the area where the baby was born. If your baby was born in Barnet, either at home or at Barnet General Hospital, you can register the birth at:

  • Register Office at Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BG
    Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm and Sunday 9am-1pm

Call us on 020 8359 6400 for an appointment.

If it is difficult for you to attend one of our offices, you can go to another register office and they will send us your details. However, you will not receive a birth certificate from the office where you make the declaration, this will be sent on to you once we receive your information.

What you need to bring

You should take at least one form of identification when you go to the register office. You can use:

  • passport
  • birth certificate
  • deed poll
  • driving licence
  • proof of address (eg utility bill)
  • Council Tax bill
  • marriage or civil partnership certificate

You should also take your child’s personal child health record or ‘red book’ as some registrars may ask to see it.

When registering the birth, you should know:

  • place and date of the birth
  • name, surname and sex of the baby
  • parents’ names, surnames and address
  • places and dates of parents’ birth
  • date of parents’ marriage or civil partnership
  • parents’ jobs
  • mother’s maiden surname

You might not need to give all of this information, depending on who is registering the birth.

Who can register a birth

Married parents

The mother or father can register the birth on their own, and include both parents’ details if they were married when the baby was born or conceived.

Unmarried parents

The details of both parents can be included on the birth certificate if they do one of the following:

  • sign the birth register together
  • one parent completes a statutory declaration of parentage form and the other takes the signed form to register the birth
  • one parent goes to register the birth with a document from the court (for example, a court order) giving the father parental responsibility

The mother can choose to register the birth on her own if she isn’t married to the child’s father. The father’s details won’t be included on the birth certificate. It might be possible to add the father’s details at a later date by completing an application for the re-registration of a child’s birth

Other people who can register a birth

If the parents can’t register the birth (eg for medical reasons), certain other people can do it once the 42 days have elapsed for the parents to register

  • someone who was present at the birth
  • someone who is responsible for the child (legal guardian)
  • a member of the administrative staff at the hospital where the child was born

Birth certificates

There are 2 types of birth certificate:

  • the short version, which contains only the baby’s details
  • the full version, which also contains the parents’ details

Once you have registered the birth, you can purchase a short and full birth certificate for a small fee.  Payment can be made by debit or credit card.

If you register the birth in the area where it took place, you’ll receive a birth certificate straight away. If you register the birth in another area, you’ll receive a birth certificate shortly after.

You can buy extra copies of the birth certificates by debit or credit card from the register office at any time.


  • Barnet Registration and Nationality Service
  • Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BG
  • Tel: 020 8359 6400
  • Email: registrars@barnet.gov.uk
  • Opening hours
  • Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm and Sunday 9am-1pm

    Enquiries: Contact us online

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