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Repatriation of bodies abroad

  • Births, deaths, marriages and nationality

If someone dies away from home, the place in which they wish to be buried or cremated, or where the funeral will be held, the body will have to be moved.

There are special regulations concerning moving a body over the borders between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or abroad.

Only a coroner is authorised to permit the body to be moved out of England.

Notice to the coroner should be given at least four working days before the body is to be moved so that any necessary enquiries can be made.

Afterwards you will be given a removal notice (form 104), part of which is sent to the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages.

This procedure applies to all cases where the body is to be moved out of England, not just when the death was reported to the coroner.

Cadaver certificates

Some countries require a cadaver certificate before they will allow a body into the country for burial. The certificate, if issued, confirms that no epidemic or infectious disease occurred in the borough for some three months preceding the death.

The formality of obtaining the cadaver certificate is usually handled by the undertaker, making the arrangements on behalf of the relatives. However, anyone can apply. The funeral director will also help with anything requested by the coroner and with requirements of the authorities in the overseas country where the deceased is going. Some of these requirements may apply for burial in another part of the United Kingdom.


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