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Supporting the Barnet community

Barnet has a vision for greater community collaboration, building stronger partnerships between local partners such as businesses and community groups. We want to work with communities to increase independence and resilience, while giving local people skills to help themselves, and ensuring that services are tailored for those who need them.

Skills development

There are a number of ways you can contribute to skill development of young people in Barnet.

  • Taking on an apprentice can give a young person a pathway into work and ensure that your workforce is equipped for the future.
  • Offering work experience opportunities can give young people an insight into your business. Get involved here.
  • Taking part in careers talks and CV and interview skills workshops, Get involved: Barnet Education Business partnership and Inspiring the Future. This can build on the skills of young Barnet residents and can also build on the skills of your workforce
  • Volunteering in schools to develop core skills  such as English and Maths. Your staff can gain new skills whilst helping children to be prepared for the future.

Employer supported Volunteering

  • Give some employee time and skills to help a local charity. This can motivate your workforce, enable them to build new skills and increase their wellbeing. Visit Volunteering Barnet to find a list of potential volunteering opportunities for your organisation and employees, and for support in setting up an Employer Supported Volunteering scheme.

Fundraise for local charities

  • If your workforce doesn’t have the capacity to volunteer your time, you can think about fundraising for a local charity. Barnet’s charities do excellent work for Barnet’s residents, but they need financial support to do this. Local Giving schemes such as Barnet Giving and Young Barnet Foundation help to distribute funding to local charities and welcome all donations, from £10 to £10,000!

Provide space for local charities and community groups

  • You may have spare space at certain times of the day or at weekends. Think about letting or donating this space to a local charity or community group. Visit my community space to see who is looking for space.

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