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Protecting the Barnet environment

We hope Barnet’s exceptional green spaces will be used for leisure, enjoyment and sport. In our Corporate Plan we set out our ambition that over 75% of residents will be satisfied with Barnet’s parks and open spaces.

To deliver this we want to develop more innovative ways of maintaining our green spaces, including through greater partnerships with community groups and focus on using parks to achieve wider public health priorities for the borough. Residents and businesses can also do their bit by coming together to help keep Barnet clean and rated significantly higher than the London average for having clean streets.

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle- read the council’s guidance on how your business can do this
  • Volunteering within your local park/space for example ‘Adopt a place’ or ‘friends of…’ groups. This can make your local environment more appealing.
  • Look out for national campaigns to keep your area clean for example litteraction

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