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Part B application for a permit

When to use this form

This regime is known as Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control, LAPPC. Installations permitted under this regime are known as B installations. Use this form if you are sending an application for a ‘Part B’ permit to a Local Authority under the Pollution Prevention and Control (England and Wales) Regulations 2000 (as amended) (“the PPC Regulations”).

Before you start to fill in this form

Please read the Defra general guidance manual issued for LA-IPPC and LAPPC. This contains a list of other documents you may need to refer to when you are preparing your application, and explains some of the technical terms used. You will also need to read the relevant sector Process Guidance notes as relevant. The Pollution Prevention and Control (England and Wales) Regulations 2000 can be obtained from The Stationery Office.

Which parts of the form to fill in

You should fill in as much of this form as possible. The appropriate fee must be enclosed with the application to enable it to be processed further.

Other documents you may need to submit

There are a number of other documents you may need to send us with your application. Each time a request for a document is made in the application form you will need to record a document reference number for the document or documents that you are submitting in the space provided on the form for this purpose.

Please also mark the document(s) clearly with the reference number you will receive after submitting this form. Post the documents to:

London Borough of Barnet, Building 4,
North London Business Park,
Oakleigh Road South,
London N11 1NP

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