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Animal licences

  • Business

Barnet offers a range of animal licences:

The council's duties include:

  • issuing licences for premises where a business provides accommodation for other people's animals
  • regulating premises of any nature (including a private dwelling) of a business of selling animals as pets
  • regulating the keeping of certain kinds of dangerous animals, not including those kept in a zoo, circus, pet shop, or registered for the purpose of experiments.

Barnet Council considers the safety of its residents and the wellbeing of animals in the process of issuing all animal licences.


  • Health and Safety Team
  • Barnet House, 1255 High Road, Whetstone London N20 0EJ
  • Tel: 020 8359 7995
  • FAX: 0870 889 6793
  • Email: HealthandSafety@barnet.gov.uk

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