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Skip permits

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If you're having work done within your property that needs materials, rubbish, solids etc to be removed and stored temporarily on your street (highways), this must be done using a skip. Any skip that is placed on the highway network must be licensed by the Council to registered skip companies only.

If you are a resident and want to hire a skip you must organise this through a skip company. 

How to apply for a skip licence

In order to apply for a skip licence, you must first be registered as a skip company (see below). After you are set up as registered skip company, you can apply for a skip licence from the Council.

How to register as a skip company

If you are a new skip company and need to register as a skip company with the London Borough of Barnet Council, please download skip registration documents and email this to skips@barnet.gov.uk.


The cost for hiring a skip is £52 for a minimum of 2 weeks. The cost for hiring a skip for 4 weeks is £104. 

If you fill the skip and have it emptied and replaced within the licence period this will not require a new licence.

What does this license cover?

The depositing of a skip in compliance with the guidance notes.

If I am licensed in another authority am I covered?

No, the licence is site specific. Each site with a skip requires a Skip Permit.

The skip companies will be billed monthly for all of the licences they have taken out during that month. How long does it take?

We require 24 hours' notice from the skip company to issue them with a licence. However, if there are particular traffic issues on the road where the skip is to be deposited (e.g. bus route, narrow road etc), a site inspection may be required to negotiate conditions and possible alternate locations for the depositing of the skip. In these instances it may take 3 days to issue the skip licence.

The skip company involved will be informed of any traffic issues at the time of application.


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