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Youth Offending Team

  • Children, young people and families

We work with young people who have committed an offence and support them to help make positive changes in their lives so they do not re-offend or cause further harm to the community.

This includes promoting restorative justice and working with victims. In addition, we help to support young people with any safeguarding needs they may have, in order to promote their personal safety and wellbeing.

We also:

  • help young people at the police station if they’re arrested
  • help young people and their families at court
  • supervise young people serving a community sentence
  • stay in touch with a young person if they’re sentenced to custody and help them to prepare for when they are released
  • arrange for young people to make amends for their behaviour
  • provide support for parents of young people who are in trouble
  • encourage young people to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle which involves going to school, college or finding work
  • support young people to access support with substance misuse, emotional or mental health.

When does the Youth Offending team get involved?

We get involved if a young person:

  • gets into trouble with the police or is arrested
  • is charged with a crime and has to go to court
  • as part of a bail support programme
  • is convicted of a crime and given a sentence

Usually, the police are the first people to contact the Youth Offending Team, however, we are part of your local council and separate from the police and the courts.

Who is in the Youth Offending Team?

The team are made up of the following:

  • social workers
  • probation officers
  • Youth Offending Team officers
  • police
  • family support worker
  • restorative justice, victim worker

The team is also supported on a regular basis by:

  • education specialists
  • speech, language and communication specialist
  • clinical psychologist
  • substance misuse workers
  • community volunteers

The team works closely with housing, community safety, Family Services, Social Care, the local community and voluntary sector.

Volunteers play an important part in supporting the work of the team. If you are interesting in volunteering with the Youth Offending Team then please contact us.


  • Youth Offending Service, Youth Justice Manager
  • Barnet House
    1255 High Road
    London N20 0EJ
  • Tel: 020 8359 5501
  • Email: emel.fadil@barnet.gov.uk

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