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Request to Start a CAF (where needs are at Tier 2/lower level)

Please note: for security reasons, this form will time out after 20 minutes. Data you add will not be automatically saved outside this time limit. 

If a child appears to have additional needs, but the needs are clearly at a lower level, and it is evident that a CAF will help coordinate support for a child, then the practitioner will complete the ‘request to start a CAF’ e-form. This form will briefly pass through the MASH. The MASH will just check that the child isn’t already open to Children’s Social Care and will set up a new record for the child on the e-CAF system (to avoid duplicate records being created). The Practitioner will then be able to continue to complete their CAF online.

MASH is the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub, which co-locates agencies that work with children and families, and acts as a single point of contact for all referrals where a child may have additional needs for services or be at risk of harm.  The CAF Team deals with all Early Help and CAF queries following being triaged by the MASH. They are on hand to support practitioners initiating and leading CAFs. For further information on the CAF go to www.barnet.gov.uk/caf-practitioner-info.

This referral form is for professionals only. If you are a member of the public with concerns about a child or young person please call 020 8359 4066

Please note professionals are expected in all cases to make a parent/carer aware of their intention to start a CAF.

If unsure please telephone the MASH for advice on  020 8359 4066 between Monday and Thursday, 9am - 5-15pm and Friday 9am - 5pm. Outside of these hours if you feel you have urgent welfare concerns about children or young people that require an immediate response, these should be reported to the Emergency Duty team on 020 8359 2000

Where an emergency response is required at any time, the police should be called on 999.

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