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Barnet Children's Services Improvement Journey

Children’s Services in Barnet were judged by Ofsted to be inadequate when Ofsted undertook a Single Inspection Framework (SIF) during April and May 2017. The Council fully accepted the findings of the report and is working collectively with the partnership to drive the improvements needed to transform social care services for children, young people and their families from inadequate to good rapidly.

An Improvement Action Plan was developed in response to the Ofsted improvement recommendations, and submitted to Ofsted in October 2017. Ofsted confirmed that the plan satisfactorily reflected the recommendations and priorities of the inspection report. In November 2017. A copy of the Improvement Action Plan can be found here.

The second Ofsted monitoring visit took place in January 2018. The visit focused on a number of areas of work, including the effectiveness of the council’s Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), and the quality and timeliness of certain assessments and management oversight and decision making of case work. In its findings, Ofsted acknowledges that Barnet is “continuing to progress and consolidate recent improvements”, with senior leaders and managers “appropriately focused to improve and embed good quality social work practice”. A copy of the monitoring letter can be found here.

In November 2017, Ofsted conducted a monitoring visit of Children’s Services, which focussed on the ‘front door’ arrangements in the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and the Duty & Assessment Teams. A copy of the report following this visit can be found here.

In August 2017, Commissioner for Children’s Services Frankie Sulke was appointed to Barnet by the Department for Education, to review children’s social care services. Following the three month appointment, on 8 December 2017 Ms Sulke submitted her report to ministers outlining that services should not be removed from the Council’s control. A copy of her report is available here.

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