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Young parents

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Becoming a parent is never easy, and being a young parent can be especially hard.

You could be working, or have gone back to school or college, or you could be a full-time parent. You may be living at home with your parents, planning to set up home with your partner or coping on your own.

Family Nurse Partnership

Young, first-time mothers can receive extra support throughout their pregnancy and up until your child reaches two years of age.

Through the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP), specially trained nurses visit you in your own home to assist you to adopt healthy lifestyles, provide good care for your baby and plan your future.

A pattern of weekly and fortnightly visits begins in early pregnancy and continues until your child is two years old.

The nurses use a programme with a range of materials and practical activities to work with mothers - as well as fathers and the wider family - on understanding your baby, developing emotionally and building positive relationships.

If you feel that you would like support from the FNP, please contact Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust on Tel: 0208 205 6204, ext: 231.

Children's centres

There are 13 children's centres in Barnet that provide support for parents and activities for mums, dads and their children.

Visit our children's centre page to find out more about what a children's centre can do for you.

Parent and toddler groups

There are a number of parent and toddler groups in Barnet that will give you and your child an opportunity to spend time together in the company of others. Visit or parent and toddler group directory to find your closest group.


Whether you're thinking about continuing or going back to studying, starting to train for a new job, going back to work or just need a break from being a full-time parent, you will need to think about who will care for your child. Visit our childcare page to find out more about childcare options available in Barnet.

Financial support for young parents

There is financial support available to help with the costs of childcare. Visit our financial support for parents page to find out what you are entitled to.

Parenting guides

You can also find advice and positive ways to manage some of the challenges you may encounter in our guide for parents and carers of children aged 0-5.


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