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Early Years

Many parents see their child meet the expected milestones with no cause for concern.

However, some parents may become aware when those milestones have not been reached and there may be a need to seek further advice or help.

If your child is experiencing difficulties with walking, talking, toilet training, weight gain, behaviour or any aspect of their learning you can contact the following services for advice and support.

For health needs

Contact your GP or health visitor

If they feel it is necessary, they will refer on to the Barnet Child Development Service which includes:

For learning needs

If your child is in an early years setting contact your setting’s SENCO. SENCOs are there to support your child and to identify if your child needs any additional support or adaptations to the environment or learning activities.  Make sure the SENCO knows about your child’s special educational needs. If the SENCO in the setting needs more support, they will contact the Pre-school Inclusion Team in Barnet to support them.

All early years settings must support children with SEND. The Ordinarily Available document outlines what should be ordinarily available for a child in anearly years setting.

In the event that your child has more complex SEN, Barnet has a process for supporting Barnet resident young children who are part of FEE 2, 3, or 4 in their setting. Please contact your child's early years setting for more information. If your child is not in an early years setting please contact the Pre-school Inclusion Team.

If your child is not in a setting, and you would like them to attend one, see the following list:

Your local Children’s Centre may also offer drop-in sessions and you can get advice from there about what to do next.

Some children under 5 may require support from a home based early intervention service such as –

The Educational Psychology Service accepts referrals from a variety of Barnet professionals.

Family support

If you are struggling at home with any aspect of childcare, a visit to your local children’s centre might be helpful.

These providers offer services via The Short Breaks Team. There is information on eligibility and how to apply at www.barnet.gov.uk/shortbreaks

Parents can also go direct to the Provider, as there may be other services they offer that are not part of the Short Breaks offer, but are still available should families wish to purchase them.

These can be found at


Free Early Education (FEE)

Some two year olds and all three and four year olds are entitled to a Free Early Education place (FEE) in a nursery or early years setting.

Early Years Special Education Needs Inclusion Funding (EY SENIF)

Barnet funded private, voluntary, independent early years settings (including registered child minders) and maintained school nurseries can apply for Early Years Special Educational Needs Inclusion Funding (EY SENIF).  This funding is available to support individual children with complex special educational needs and disabilities.

Information about the criteria and how to apply for EY SENIF is here.  The application form for EY SENIF is here.

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