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Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment

Parents/carers or the young person themselves can ask us for an EHC needs assessment if it's felt that one is needed.

Anyone at the school, such as a teacher, can also ask for an assessment to be carried out.

Information on the EHCP process can be located in the following document:

Requesting an EHC assessment

To request an EHC assessment please contact Barnet Special Educational needs Team on senadmin@barnet.gov.uk or 020 8359 7007

We will want to see evidence that the pupil needs more support than what is ordinarily available in a mainstream education setting.

Once a request has been made, we will tell you within six weeks if we agree to complete an EHC Needs assessment.

If an EHC Needs assessment is agreed, we'll gather information from the parent/carer and the child/young person and a range of other professionals.

Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan

An EHC Needs assessment might lead to an EHC Plan. This is a legal document that describes a child's or young person's special educational, health and social care needs.

An EHC assessment does not always leads to a child or young person receiving an EHC plan.

The EHC Needs assessment process can take up to 20 weeks from the request being received to a final Education, Health and Care Plan being issued if it is necessary.


The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice 2015 is designed to help children and young people to work towards their aspirations by focussing on Outcomes. The outcomes explanation document provides more detail on the definition of outcomes, and how they are developed and reviewed. Outcomes underpin the detail of EHC plans and describe what you hope your child can achieve, or what they want to achieve for themselves, especially as they move towards adulthood.

The Outcomes in an EHC Plan will usually come from discussion with the child/young person, their family, the setting and any outside professionals involved with the child/young person – they are co-produced.

Personal Budgets

Parents, carers and young people have the right to request a Personal Budget when we agree to issue an EHC Plan. Read Barnet's Personal Budget Policy.

Transfer Schedule

As part of the SEND reforms, as appropriate, all Statements of Special Educational Needs must be transferred into Education, Health and Care Plans. This process must be completed by 31 March 2018. The schedule below outlines the process by which this will take place in Barnet.

National Curriculum Year   School Year 2016/17 School Year 2017/18
NC Year Total Feb-17 Mar-17 Aug-17 Feb-18 Mar-18
NC Year 1 34     34    
NC Year 2 78 10   68    
NC Year 3 86     86    
NC Year 4 67     67    
NC Year 5 116       109  
NC Year 6 113 113        
NC Year 7 5     5    
NC Year 8 123         123
NC Year 9 123     123    
NC Year 10 29   29      
NC Year 11 60   60      
NC Year 12 47   47      
NC Year 13 32   32      
NC Year 14 31   31      
NC Year 15 3   3      
Other Outstanding Statements           64
Grand Total 947 123 202 383 109 182


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