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Preparing for Adulthood (14 to 25 years)

Young people, including of course those with SEND, want to succeed in education and work, to live independently and healthily, and to be active members of their communities. Young people need choice and control over their lives to achieve good life outcomes. Our research tells us that learning to travel independently is a significant step to increase choice.


Find out what Preparing for Adulthood services and support are available in the Barnet Local Offer.

Schools and other settings will do everything they can to make sure pupils with special educational needs (SEN) get the extra support they need. The ordinarily available documets below give guidance on what schools and colleges will do.

Some students with more complex needs may need support above and beyond what is ordinarily available in a setting, this might mean that the pupil would need an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment.

What do young adults want?

Below sets out the stages for a young person by age that includes information about the process, together with helpful ideas and advice around developing skills and knowledge under the following four key areas:

  • Community Inclusion - developing friends, relationships and sustainable networks of support
  • Employment - opportunities to experience the world of work and get paid employment
  • Developing Independence - maximising skills to live as independently as possible
  • Good Health - maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle

Pathways to Adulthood

You can find more information in The Preparing for Adulthood Guide.

Getting Involved

We would like to hear from Children, Young People, their Parents and Carers on what would help you to achieve the best educational outcomes, independence, social and life skills.

If you would like to comment on our preparing for adulthood services, or to suggest a service, please send an email to our dedicated inbox at SENDLocalOffer@Barnet.gov.uk.

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