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Age 19 to 25 and onwards

Further pathways.

EHC Plan and Needs Assessment Process
  • The EHC Plan will cease where young person is in paid work, volunteering or social care services (without education)
  • Where a young person has an EHC Plan and leaves education but then decides they wish to return (and are still under 25yrs), the local authority is asked to consider whether the previous EHC Plan can be revived and reviewed. It is possible however that a young person will have to go through the full EHC needs assessment
Friends, Relationships and My Community
  • May access mainstream activities and social setting (with or without support)
  • May access specialist social clubs and activities via voluntary sector
  • Family support young person to develop social skills
Preparing for and Finding Employment
  • May be in paid employment without support
  • May be in employment with support, through a supported employment organisation (additional support can be accessed through the Access to Work government scheme) – employment options could include job share, job carve, micro-enterprise or self-employment
  • May be in volunteering role with or without support
  • May be accessing social care support if not in employment or to complement employment options
Developing Independence

Young person may:

  • live at home
  • live independently away from family home (and possibly receive housing benefit)
  • be accessing Shared Lives housing scheme
  • be in a supported living scheme in borough, if eligible and agreed (and receive housing benefit)
  • be in a supported living scheme out of borough, if eligible and agreed (and receive housing benefit)
  • live in a Residential Care setting
  • need to seek benefits advice
Good Health
  • May access healthcare independently
  • May access healthcare with support from specialist care settings
  • Family knows how to support young person to access to healthcare
  • May attend annual GP Health Check

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