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Year 10 (age 14/15)

This is a good year to start looking at your post-16 options.

EHC Plan and Needs Assessment Process
  • Annual Review looks at progress and the preparing for adulthood plan
  • EHC Plan reviewed and outcomes updated
  • Review of support in school for those with additional needs but no EHC Plan
  • Parents & young person discuss with their school post 16 options
  • If likely to have a change of environment post 16 e.g. move from school to college consider what might be needed for a smooth transition
Friends, Relationships and My Community
  • Begin to discuss what is important to the young person about friends/social life in the future and how this might be achieved
  • How often is young person going out with friends? Is this enough? Is more advice or support needed?
  • Family is accessing any information or support they may need
Preparing for and Finding Employment
  • Start discussions with the school about ‘what I can offer’, ‘what I like doing’, ‘what support I need’
  • Agree how the young person will access the schools "world of work" programme, which can include work experience, learning about supported employment and apprenticeships/traineeships
  • Update Career Plan
Developing Independence
  • Make sure skills for travelling as independently as possible are being practiced, thinking about what young people might need for the future for college, for work, and getting out and about.
  • Ensure that young people and families are accessing information about potential housing options for the future
Good Health
  • Ensure health professionals (e.g. Practice Nurse and Community Nurse) share information
  • Think about Personal Health Budgets, if eligible
  • Annual Health Check via GP if eligible & GP surgery is participating in the scheme

If the young person does not have an EHC Plan but it is felt they need additional support, please talk to the school in the first instance, to identify needs and possible support strategies – schools have funding within their budgets to help children and young people who have SEN but do not require an EHC Plan.

The school will help the young person identify choices. This is particularly important if you are changing schools.

Consider how annual review can be joined up with any other reviews the young person has e.g. Child Looked After (CLA), Child in Need (CIN) etc.

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