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Year 11 (age 15/16)

Transition to post 16 education or training.

A young person may leave school after Y11, but under current legislation should remain participating in learning until the age of 18yrs, which could include:

  • full-time education (e.g. at a school or college)
  • an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • part-time education or training combined with one of the following:
  • employment or self-employment for 20 hours or more a week
  • volunteering for 20 hours or more a week


EHC Plan and Needs Assessment Process
  • EHC Plan reviewed, updated, and focusses on plans for preparation for adulthood
  • Review of support in school for those with additional needs but no EHC Plan
  • Young person decides on preferred post 16 option
  • Health & Social Care may continue transition planning
  • If you are moving on, school will support your plan for transition
  • Discuss with your SEN caseworker if you have a request for a specialist placement
Friends, Relationships and My Community
  • Think about how to make sure friendships will be maintained after school ends
  • Support young person to plan how to keep in touch with others and vice versa
  • Can/does young person access local services such as sports centres, libraries, cinemas, restaurants, shopping centres etc?
  • Family is accessing any information or support they may need
  • Young people and families should understand if they are eligible for short breaks and what is available
Preparing for and Finding Employment
  • Review world of work opportunities undertaken so far and plan further experience
  • Continue discussions about future plans and explore a range of options
  • Where there are particular difficulties with travelling independently, consider assistance available as outlined under the Transport in the Local Offer page
  • Explore how any Personal Budget or Direct Payment might be used to support employment aspirations
Developing Independence
  • Think about the link between Career Plans and housing options to ensure people think about where they might live when thinking about jobs
  • Ensure young person is travelling independently where possible
  • Where a young person is unable to travel independently, consider support that might be necessary to develop independent travel skills and/or assistance that might be available
  • Think about time spent away from home and how this does or could help to develop independence
  • Families and young person has information on the range of housing options available
Good Health
  • Ensure young person and family know when they will be discharged from each of the services they use now and who will take over responsibility
  • Ensure the young person/family knows how their health needs will be met
  • Annual Health Check via GP if eligible & GP surgery is participating in the scheme
  • If young person is educated out of area, start thinking about accessing Barnet health services on their return

Consider how annual review can be joined up with any other reviews the young person has e.g. Child Looked After (CLA), Child in Need (CIN) etc.

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