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Year 9 (age 13/14)

Year 9 is a very important year for starting the preparation to adulthood planning.

EHC Plan and Needs Assessment Process
  • Preparing for Adulthood Review coordinated by the school
  • EHC Plan reviewed and new outcomes recorded (if converted to EHCP)
  • Review of support in school for those with additional needs but no EHC Plan
  • Parents & young person fact-find about post 16 provision, referring to Local Offer
  • Adult Social Care Services work with Children’s Services to review young people who may be eligible for care services as an adult
Friends, Relationships and My Community
  • Think about young person’s friendship group, closest friend(s) and other key people in their network (circle of support)
  • Support young person to develop and keep friendships – identify how the curriculum can help
  • Family has information about support they can access
  • Think about any out of school activities the young person does or would like to access
  • Think about the time that the young person spends away from home/family that will support building friendships
Preparing for and Finding Employment
  • Start discussing with school - interests, favourite subjects, emerging aspirations about work in the future etc.
  • Agree with school who will help young person to develop a Career Plan
  • Work with school to identify how the curriculum will provide opportunities to explore the world of work and gain work experience
Developing Independence
  • Start talking about the skills needed for independence in the future
  • Work with the school to think about curriculum opportunities that might be appropriate to develop young people’s skills around independence i.e. travel training, money/budgeting, domestic skills
  • Ensure young people and family know how to access information about range of potential housing options for the future
  • Plan next steps for independent travel
Good Health
  • Make plans to be a healthy adult, e.g. diet & exercise, sexual health etc.
  • Ask at GP surgery about an Annual Health Check

If young person does not have an EHC Plan but it is felt they need additional support, please talk to the school in the first instance, to identify needs and possible support strategies – schools have funding within their budgets to help children and young people who have SEN and do not require an EHC Plan.

Consider how annual review can be joined up with any other reviews the young person has e.g. Child Looked After (CLA), Child in Need (CIN) etc.

The Local Authority like to support young people to live and work in their local community. It would be very unusual to think it is best for the young person to be away from their local support networks.

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