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Education in the Local Offer

  • Children, young people and families

Schools and other settings will do everything they can to make sure pupils with special educational needs (SEN) get the extra support they need. Mainstream schools do this through a system called SEN support.



All schools in Barnet are listed on the School's Directory.

All mainstream schools must publish information about how they support pupils with SEN. This is called the SEN information report and should be published on the school's website.

It details what is ordinarily available in mainstream schools and settings in Barnet to support pupils with SEN.

Some pupils with more complex needs may need support above and beyond what is ordinarily available in a setting, this might mean that the pupil would need an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment.

Most pupils with SEN go to a local mainstream school. Very occasionally, a mainstream setting may not be the right place for a pupil with SEN. The Government provide the Edubase directory to search schools and publish a list of approved, independent special institutions.

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