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SEN Support

SEN support replaces school action/school action plus in schools and early years action/early years action plus in early years settings.

Parents/carers will be contacted by the school or setting if they think that a child or young person needs SEN Support. If a parent/carer or young person has concerns about educational progress, then they can approach the school or setting themselves.

The four stages of SEN support are:

This means that the SENCO and teaching staff will identify the extra support the pupil needs in order to make progress, put this support in place, and regularly check how well it is working, so that they can change the amount or kind of support if they need to.

This document illustrates the ‘assess-plan-do-review’ cycle and the considerations made regarding a child or young person who is moving through the graduated response and is identified at ‘SEN Support’.

All mainstream schools must publish information about how they support pupils with SEN. This is called the SEN information report and should be published on the school's website. It details what is ordinarily available in mainstream schools and settings in Barnet to support pupils with SEN.

To access information regarding an individual school's SEN support offer you can utilise the schools directory to navigate to a specific school's website and locate their policy.

Ordinarily Available

The ordinarily available document provides a benchmark / baseline / common set of expectations about what provision should be made for the majority of children and young people with SEN, within the structure for funding early education settings, schools, academies, free schools and colleges of further education.


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