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Further education and training

  • Children, young people and families

Support available to colleges to meet the needs of young people with SEND.

Ordinarily or normally available

The ordinarily or normally available document (PDF) outlines the educational provision that colleges and further education settings should provide young people identified with SEND.

To access information regarding an individual further education setting’s SEN support offer, you can utilise the following list of colleges and secondary schools that have post 16 education. Navigate to a specific schools website and locate their policy (usually under the policies section).

It provides a benchmark/baseline/common set of expectations about what provision should be made for the majority of young people with SEND, from within their delegated resources.

Most young people with SEND are provided for within inclusive education, with some of these being placed at SEN Support.

For some children their SENs and disabilities will be provided for through high quality, differentiated teaching, whereas others may need some special arrangements, such as:

  • small group teaching in some subjects
  • environmental adaptations
  • use of assistive technology
  • some individualised and small group support and teaching at times each day or through the week

This document describes a wide range of approaches that can be expected to be ordinarily available for children and young people, including those at SEN support.

Careers advice

Schools have a responsibility to support young people in considering options for the future by providing information, advice and guidance, sometimes called careers advice.

Information, advice and guidance is available for students with the most significant SEN and disabilities to supplement the advice provided at school level. Most of these students will have statements or EHC Plans.

Officers in the Post 16 SEN and progression team, which is a part of the Inclusion and Skills Service, have knowledge of local further education courses and other post 16 provision and will work closely with young people, their parents and schools to support them through the transition process.

Colleges and secondary schools with SEND provision

The local College of Further Education is Barnet & Southgate College which works closely with schools in Barnet. There is also a sixth form college, Woodhouse College and many secondary schools have sixth form provision. Barnet’s two secondary special schools, Mapledown and Oak Lodge, also have sixth form provision.

Discrete provision for students with high levels of SEN and disability is available in Barnet and Southgate College as well as other colleges of further education. These include the College of Northwest London, the College of Haringey, Enfield and Northeast London (CONEL), and Harrow and Stanmore Colleges of Further Education.

A range of private accredited training providers are also a part of the Local Offer, as are Colleges of Further Education in other boroughs which some local students attend.

Home to college transport

Parents and young people need to consider whether or not they will be eligible for home to college transport. The Transport policy is available.

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Some students already attending Colleges of Further Education may have Learning Difficulty Assessments.  These continue to be monitored and some will be transferred to a new EHCP. A letter has been sent to young people and their parents about this.

If the student has a statement of special educational needs, or an EHCP, arrangements for continuing education will start to be discussed in Year 9, the year in which the student reaches 14 years of age.

The Post 16 SEN and Progression Officer, also known as the Prospects Adviser, will be directly involved in the annual review in Year 9 and will stay involved until the young person leaves school and is settled in a further education or training placement.

Those learners with the most significant needs are supported by carefully integrated professional support and guidance from Education, Health services and the adult transitions team.

The law has changed and some young people may receive continued education and training through their late teens and sometimes up to 25 years of age.

The Post 16 SEN and Progression Team can be contacted on 020 8359 7007, or by emailing SENadmin@barnet.gov.uk.

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