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Chaville, France

Friends of Chaville events and newsletter

Download the latest Spring-Summer 2017 newsletter (PDF 2MB)


  • 9 July (10.30am) and 20 August
  • Potters Bar Petanque Club 
  • There are likely to be more sessions, including some at Copthall/Allianz Park. Watch this space!


  • Monday 12 June, 6pm
  • Venue The Red Lion Pub, Barnet.
  • This would facilitate us having a meal together after the meeting.


  • Monday, 7pm on 26 June
  • Melange, in Barnet High Street.
  • Please let Rosemary know if you would like to join in. Email her at andrewsr699@aol.com

Anglo-French Club

This is the revised programme from April to June, from Ian Saunders

  • avril 4 Visite au Restaurant: chez Tonton            
  • mai 2 Musique de Votre Choix
  • mai 16 Quiz
  • mai 30 Un peu d’Histoire
  • juin 13 Soirée magazine
  • juin 27 Jeu de Piste* 
  • juillet 16 Fêtons le 14 juillet*

*Détails à suivre – renseignez-vous auprès du comité.  Le club reprend ses activités le 12 septembre 2017

Contact Rosemary andrewsr699@aol.com for more information

2017-18 subscriptions: calling all members

The Subs for the 2017/2018 year are now due. We had quite a good response to my last request for members to keep up to date with their subs. Thank you.

I have attached the form for this year’s subs. Please complete it and send it, with your sub, to Keith (details on the form)

Please let me know if you have a new address and /or phone number since you originally joined.  I suspect that several of you have indeed moved, so my records could well be out of date.

Remember that you can find information about us and review any past newsletters by going to friendsofchaville.weebly.com

Please note: Attendance at any function, meeting, or event of this society is entirely at your own risk. No claim or responsibility for injury, damage, or loss of goods will be accepted by the society.


In May 1959 Chaville was twinned with the former Friern Barnet Urban District Council. Twinning was encouraged by the Government in the 1950’s to revive community spirit in Europe and the link with Chaville was probably a result of this initiative.

The link between the friends organisations in Barnet and their counterparts in Chaville has been continually strong.

Chaville is a suburb of Paris 13km from the centre with a rich history. It was first given its name in 820AD. The town was built up around the chateau named Chaville which had a strong link throughout its existence with the French Royal family and the French nobility.

Although Chaville is much smaller than Barnet in terms of area and population, there are obvious similarities. Both areas lie on the outskirts of the capital city in their respective countries and their residents are employed in similar sectors. There is a similar percentage of elderly residents constituting a high elderly population in both towns. There are many activities arranged for the elderly between the groups.

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